Dining Room

Dining Room Do-Over

With major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas still a ways off, now may be a good time to begin renovate your dining room before you welcome extended family into your home for the holidays. Below are some things to consider as you begin the do-over process:

Theme: The first step when renovating your dining room is to decide on a theme, and appropriate colors for that theme. Do you want something rustic, or do you prefer contemporary décor? Your style and theme affects everything from the color of your walls, floors, furniture, etc.

Furniture: Picking dining room furniture is the next step, as you shouldn’t paint or wallpaper your walls until you’ve got your furniture selected to make sure everything jives.  You can choose to renovate or reupholster existing dining room furniture, or wipe the slate clean and buy a brand new set. You’ll need to consider how large of a table you’ll want and how many chairs can fit comfortably, whether or not the table has the option to expand, if you want a buffet and hutch, etc.

Flooring: If your dining room is currently carpet, you may want to consider making the switch to hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors give your home a sleek and luxurious feel, and you can always buy an area rug for under the table so the bottom of the chairs and table don’t scratch up the floor.

Painting: Now that you’ve got your furniture and flooring selected, it’s time to select a paint color that compliments both. You can chose to paint all of the walls, paint just an accent wall, or do a combination of paint/wallpaper. The possibilities are truly endless!

Light Fixtures: As you’re renovating everything else in the room, don’t forget about the light fixture. Elegant chandeliers can bring life to the room, and you might even be able to find a great fixture at a thrift store so you don’t have to break the bank.

If you begin the process now, come November, your dining room will be ready to be shown off, and your guests can truly dine in style!

Upgrade Your Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the home, especially around the holidays. If Christmas, New Years, and other important holidays take place at your house, you may want to consider upgrading your dining room set.

Jaron’s Discount Furniture has a variety of dining room furniture in natural wood and contemporary colors, sure to match your taste, be it traditional or more modern.  If you’re planning to mark the holidays quietly with a few people, small but elegant sets are available from as low as $227.99. If you welcome grandma, grandpa, nieces ,nephews, and other extended family into your home for special occasions, than one of the below options may be more appropriate:

Brussels: This traditional style set is characterized by dark wood and beautiful accents. The seven piece package includes the table, four chairs, and two arm chairs for $1,399.99. The buffet table is available for an additional $499.99, and extra chairs can be purchased individually.

Franklin Park: This nine piece package for $1,799.99 features a table, six chairs, buffet, and china cabinet in a natural medium black walnut stained finish. The contemporary design is accented by banded detailing on the table and case pieces.

Savona: Constructed of hard wood solids and veneers, this nine piece set includes a table, four side chairs, two arm chairs, a china buffet, and a china deck for $2,199.99. The medium brown cherry finish with gold undertones perfectly complements a more traditional dining room, and the set includes a 20” leaf , perfect for expanding the table when extra space is needed.

Those who enjoy fine dining know that half of the dining experience is presentation. Why not showcase your homemade meals on something as presentable as your cooking? Contact Jaron’s Discount Furniture to find the option that’s right for you and your family.