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Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Finding a luxuriously large bedroom equipped with a walk-in closet isn’t easy. In fact, finding storage for all of your belongings can be a challenge in any size room. Fortunately, with a tiny-to-mid-sized bedroom there are clever ways you can create storage. Regardless of the size of your room, clutter can make the space unappealing, causing stress. These clever bedroom storage ideas will keep you clean and organized, no matter how big your bedroom is.

  • Buy a bed frame that doubles as storage space. Some bed have drawers and shelves built right into their frames. Depending on what you want to place in drawers, you may not even have to get a bureau or armoire to house the rest of your things. If your bed frame lacks drawers but has space between the floor and the box spring, use plastic containers to stow extra bedding.
  • Go vertical and hang shelves. Every inch counts when it comes to figuring out ways to create storage in small spaces. Use the entirety of your wall from top to bottom. Place a floor to ceiling unit next to the nightstand beside your bed to create an appealing visual. Hang shelves to get items up and off the ground. Consider over-the-door hanging storage for bulky items like shoes, scarves, and hats. This is also a great place to stow jewelry!
  • Make your own built-in storage unit. If a part of your wall juts out, this creates the perfect opportunity for more storage. Installing custom cabinetry into the wall allows more room for clothes or accessories. The experts at Birmingham painters can help you match the doors of your cabinets to your existing wall color to give off a secret passage vibe, or use glass paneling so you can see what you’re looking for before you even open the doors.
  • Mount a nightstand next to your bed. Traditionally, nightstand tables sit next to the bed, taking up valuable floor space. If you mount your nightstand to the wall, you can use the space under there for shoes or miscellaneous items that you don’t want laying around. If there isn’t space for a full on nightstand, a wide shelf mounted on the wall next to your bed can be a makeshift table top.
  • Create a display using a bookcase. Are you a shoe fanatic or a lover of handbags? If you consider these items a work of art, use a bookcase or staggered shelves to showcase them! Doing this can give off the vibes of an art installation right inside your bedroom and save valuable space in closets.
  • Don’t neglect the space above your headboard. Instead of hanging a painting or photo above your headboard, shelving or cabinet units can be a great installation above your headboard. Display a few of your favorite collectibles, but avoid cluttering the space, as this area will quickly collect dust.

Don’t feel discouraged by the amount of storage space in your bedroom. Using these tips can help expand the storage options in fun, clever ways. For more storage tips, reach out to St. Johns, NL interior decorator Robin Stairs.

7 Quick & Easy Home Upgrades

Maintaining your home is one thing, but home improvement projects are important for retaining its value. Plus, upgrading your home helps to make it more aesthetically pleasing. While most of the time this is easier said than done, there are some quick fixes that you can work on to keep your home modern that won’t cost you a ton.

  1. Freshen up your paint. Repainting the walls in your house is a simple way to make your house appear more modern and lively that won’t break the bank.
  2. Pick up some new furniture. Simply getting rid of the old and incorporating new pieces into one or all of your rooms will make a huge difference in regards to how contemporary your home appears to be. Something as small as an ottoman can make all the difference.
  3. Invest in a smart thermostat. A programmable thermostat makes dealing with fluctuating weather throughout the seasons much more tolerable. Smart thermostats let you program your preferences – for instance, you can set a temperature but have it rise or lower based on the time of the day. If you’re in the market to sell your home, this small addition to your home makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.
  4. Add a backsplash to your kitchen. A backsplash can give your kitchen a more polished look. It also makes maintenance easier. If you spill anything on your walls while cooking or prepping food, cleanup on a tile backsplash will is a breeze when compared to trying to scrub down your bare walls.
  5. Install a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads are beneficial not to just the environment, but to your water bill as well. The flow rate is slower than standard showerheads, thus cutting back on how much water you are actually using. This leads to savings on your water bill each month!
  6. Create a landscape or garden. Whether you are looking to grow your own vegetables or just plant a few flowers, landscaping or gardening will help liven up your home’s outdoor appearance. In addition, gardening has proven to be great for relieving stress and clearing your head.
  7. Choose new window treatments. Adding new window treatments in your home is an easy way to revive the appearance of any room. With blinds, drapes, curtains, and shades to choose from, it’s easy to achieve the look you are going for in no time.

Follow these suggestions for a quick and easy way to revive your home this year! For more home improvement suggestions, contact the experts at CertaPro Painters of Southern New Hampshire.

Paint Protection: Keeping Paint Off Of Furniture, Windows, and Hardware

There are many steps on the pre-painting checklist that you want to make sure are completed before you whip out the paint brush. Prepping the walls and covering the floors are a great start, but there are other aspects of a room many homeowners don’t consider that require protection from potential paint spills! The professional Danbury, CT painters at CertaPro have put together a guide to help you prepare your furniture, windows, and hardware before you begin a painting project.

  • Furniture: It can be a hassle to remove all the large furniture from a room. Some pieces may even be so large that they won’t fit through a doorway without disassembly. To save effort and time, you can simply cover your furniture and get the job done without worrying about paint damage. To protect furniture, you’re going to need large sheets of plastic covering and tape. These items can be found at any hardware store. The main idea is to cover each piece of furniture so that the possibility of paint spills and splatters is eliminated. To cover a sofa, take the plastic covering and lay it over the entire couch, making sure it reaches the bottom. To hold the plastic in place, tape around the perimeter of the couch. If it’s easier, you can tape the plastic to the floor for maximum protection.
  • Windows: Paint drips on your window can look messy, and scraping dried paint off with a razor blade can cause damage to your windows. By taking the necessary precautions, accidental paint drips become less of an issue. If you have trim or a frame around your windows, start by taping off the outer edges with painters tape. This will ensure that the edge that is to be painted will have crisp, clean lines. To protect the window itself from any possible paint splatter, it’s best to use the same plastic covering used for the furniture. Cut the covering to the approximate size of each window pane and tape it down, making sure there is no space for paint to potentially drip through.
  • Hardware: To protect the hardware around your home, including light switch plate covers, doorknobs, and vent grills, it’s best to remove them completely while you’re painting. During the painting process, be sure to paint as close as possible to each fixture, as painting around the approximate shape of each piece of hardware could leave you with unwanted paint gaps. If removing hardware pieces is something you would rather skip, the best thing to do is to tape around the edges of each piece with painters tape and paint very carefully!

Preparing your walls and floors for a painting project seems like the most common thing to do, but you don’t want to forget about the little details. Keep your painting project clean and organized with these paint protection tips!

Creative Toy Storage Ideas

If you’re a parent, you know how many toys your child pulls out to play with on a daily basis. The trouble with all of those toys is finding a place to keep them when the day ends, or when you have company over. Believe it or not, you probably own a number of toy-storing solutions already! Jarons has put together a list of ideas that you can utilize in your home to keep your children’s toys organized.

Trundle Beds:  These beds have the capability of storing an extra mattress underneath the main structure of the bed. Instead of stowing an extra mattress, you can convert this space into toy storage. Simply remove the mattress from the trundle base and insert dividers or flat bins to keep your child’s toys organized.

Shoe Racks:  Your young child probably doesn’t have 24 pairs of shoes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from an over-the-door shoe rack! From small trinkets to bulkier action figures and dolls, a clear shoe rack can be an organizing miracle for your child’s bedroom.

Food Jars:  When it comes to storing your child’s toys, utilizing clear storage is the best option. Recycle mason jars (or any kind of empty container from your kitchen) to store your child’s trinkets in. Paint the tops with fun colors and use puffy paint to label the fronts of the jars. Be sure to leave a majority of the jar uncovered so your child can easily find what they are looking for.

Hampers:  If a traditional looking toy box clashes with your interior decor, there are other options for storing bulky toys! Use a decorative hamper to hide large toys like play swords, princess wands, or stuffed animals.

Desk Space:  If your child’s room is large enough for a play table or a small desk, make sure it has ample space for drawer storage. You can also find seating that doubles as a storage unit to place around the table. Certain toys, like coloring books, can be displayed on the table for consistent easy access, but avoid cluttering the table with too many toys.

Shelving:  Never underestimate the power of wall storage. Bonus – when it comes to wall storage, the options are endless! You can choose traditional shelving for a contemporary look, or go for something more modern and hang baskets from the wall to stow toys in. It all comes down to your creativity. If you see something that you can convert into storage, use it!

Maintain organization of your child’s toys with these storage tips from Jarons Furniture.


Tips for Finishing Your Basement

Finishing your basement is one of the most worthwhile investments when upgrading your home. Whether you want to use your basement space for another bedroom, a man cave, or just a comfortable area to host guests, ensure the renovation goes smoothly by following these tips:

Check the code. Before you pound one nail, check with your local ordinance to find out whether or not you need a permit for your proposed renovation.

Make sure it’s dry. Prior to starting any project, make sure there are no moisture problems that could cause damage. Inspect the exterior walls and downspouts. Clogged downspouts can bring moisture into the basement. Also, check to see if you need replacement windows, as basement windows are more likely to leak from at or below ground level.

Protect your walls. Install furring strips on the wall to create space between the wall and any potential moisture that may collect on your walls over time.

Keep vapor out and warmth in. Consider using insulation that is completely enclosed in a vapor barrier. Polyurethane sheeting is great for keeping moisture out and convenient to work with, so you don’t have to deal with itchy insulation fibers.

Suspend your ceilings. If you need access to the electrical and plumbing systems in your ceiling, then suspended ceilings are your best bet. A drywall ceiling would require creating access panels.

Recess your lighting. Basement ceilings are typically low, so having recessed lighting will eliminate the need to hang fixtures from already low ceilings, making the room feel even shorter. Remember, brightening up the basement is essential if you plan on making this usable space. Basements without sufficient lighting can feel like dungeons.

Whether you need more space in your home or want to add to the value of it for the future, a finished basement is an attractive addition to any home. Remember to seek advice from professionals for projects that fall outside of your area of expertise, and start shopping for new furniture at Jaron’s Furniture Outlet!

Choosing Carpet: Critical Considerations

There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing carpeting for your home. You don’t want to select a carpet that clashes with your color scheme, or introduces the wrong textures. After all, it’s a big investment that you want to last (and look good!) for a long time. Below are some things to keep top of mind as you’re selecting your new carpet:

Be Careful With Trends: Trends come and go, so selecting a carpet based on what designers deem to be currently “in” or popular could turn out to be a bad choice. Eight trends later, you’ll be left with the same carpet that’s now dated and obscure. Stick with the true classic looks that will never go out of style.

Choose Neutral Tones: Brightly colored carpets may work for certain rooms, but if you have plans to redecorate down the road, be careful, as your options will be limited. Choosing neutral tones doesn’t have to be boring, especially when everything else around it is much more disposable than your carpeting. When it comes time to buy a new living room set, you’ll be glad you went with the tan carpet over the maroon.

Go Green: We’re all familiar with that “new carpet smell.” Did you know it’s actually volatile compounds (such as formaldehyde) that can degrade your indoor air quality? To be environmentally friendly and ensure the health of your family, select carpeting consisting of natural fibers and non-toxic dyes.

Padding is Important: Padding prevents your carpet from rubbing against your floors, and reduces the pressure caused by everyday foot traffic. Buying cheap padding for your carpet (or even worse, skipping it all together) will cause premature wear and tear. And as an added plus, it helps to sound-proof your home and keep it insulated.

If you heed the above considerations when buying carpeting, you’ll select a quality carpet that should last for years to come! For more information about Cincinnati Flooring options, contact Floor Coverings International  at (513) 729-7499 today.

Interior Decorator Advice: Functional Furniture Arrangements

When you buy a new home, each empty room can seem overwhelming. Jaron’s Furniture Outlet can help you find furniture within your budget, but what happens when you get home?

Here are some furniture arranging tips from interior decorators Decorating Den Interiors:

The Vision

Establish a feel for the room. Maybe you want your bedroom to feel cozy, and your living room to feel open and airy. Knowing how you want the room to feel will help you place your furniture.

Determine function. If you’ll be using the living room for entertaining, you’ll need flexibility with your space and furniture choices.

The Steps

Find or create a focal point. The easiest way to arrange furniture in any room is to start with a focal point. In your living room, it may be your television or the fireplace. In your bedroom, it may be your headboard or a work of art hanging above your bed.

Assess the walkways. For your home to have an easy flow, your furniture shouldn’t create obstacles. Keep walkways between rooms clear.

Designer Do’s and Don’ts

Do allow about 20 inches in front of furniture for traffic.

Don’t forget about lighting. There should be a table or floor lamp by every seating area.

Do mix patterns and textures in your furniture.

Don’t make everything match. Colors should complement each other.

Decorating Den’s designers come right to your door, and create beautiful spaces that suit both your style and your budget.