Five Tips for Aspiring Business Owners

I started out in the furniture business in the early 90’s. A lot has changed since then, both in the furniture industry and in the business world in general. Jarons Furniture Outlet started as one store in Bordentown, NJ, and we’ve since grown to two brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online store.  We believe value is the key, and we simply sell the best home furnishings at the most affordable prices.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to operate and run a successful business, and thought I’d share some of my tips with you:

Know Your Customer: While market research is an essential component of your business plan, if you don’t know who is buying your product, know their needs, desires and emotional reasons they want to buy, you won’t succeed. Talk to your customers, it is the best way to learn the information you need to succeed.

Set Attainable Goals: Having goals is an important part of being an entrepreneur. However, the goals you set should be realistic and attainable. Set small goals that lead you step by step to a larger goal. It’s important to look at the big picture, but the day-to-day operational goals are just as important.

Put The Right People In The Right Seats: Your job as an owner is similar to a bus driver.  If you don’t put the right people in the driver’s seat, and the right person in the navigators seat, the bus may drive, but it won’t get anywhere fast. The people you hire should be a reflection of you and the image and reputation you want your company to have. While I am very actively involved in my business, because we have two locations, it’s impossible for me to be in Bordentown and Lumberton at the same time. I have complete faith in my staff at both locations to be friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming to all new and returning customers.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Work Like Hell And Advertise: My uncle once said to me, ‘if you are giving away gold bars and no one knows about it, you won’t give many away.’ It’s so true: you must let people know you exist. Advertising is one of the keys to success, so never stop doing it.  You may be frustrated by the results at times, but my personal philosophy is that I am going to keep letting you know I exist until you are ready to find me.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Running a business requires an enormous amount of personal energy, time, and passion. For me, you could say the furniture business is in my blood. My grandfather operated a furniture store in Philadelphia in the early 1900’s; my uncle opened his own store in 1979; in 1992 I opened the Jarons in Bordentown with my uncle and father;  in 2012, I opened the Lumberton store. I love the furniture business, and am lucky to live my passion each and every day.

Interior Decorator Advice: Functional Furniture Arrangements

When you buy a new home, each empty room can seem overwhelming. Jaron’s Furniture Outlet can help you find furniture within your budget, but what happens when you get home?

Here are some furniture arranging tips from interior decorators Decorating Den Interiors:

The Vision

Establish a feel for the room. Maybe you want your bedroom to feel cozy, and your living room to feel open and airy. Knowing how you want the room to feel will help you place your furniture.

Determine function. If you’ll be using the living room for entertaining, you’ll need flexibility with your space and furniture choices.

The Steps

Find or create a focal point. The easiest way to arrange furniture in any room is to start with a focal point. In your living room, it may be your television or the fireplace. In your bedroom, it may be your headboard or a work of art hanging above your bed.

Assess the walkways. For your home to have an easy flow, your furniture shouldn’t create obstacles. Keep walkways between rooms clear.

Designer Do’s and Don’ts

Do allow about 20 inches in front of furniture for traffic.

Don’t forget about lighting. There should be a table or floor lamp by every seating area.

Do mix patterns and textures in your furniture.

Don’t make everything match. Colors should complement each other.

Decorating Den’s designers come right to your door, and create beautiful spaces that suit both your style and your budget.

Jaron’s Furniture Outlet Celebrates Grand Opening of Lumberton Store

Jaron’s Furniture Outlet, a discount furniture store offering quality furniture at affordable prices, is celebrating the grand opening of theirLumberton, NJ furniture store located at 1710 Route 38, at 11 a.m., Sunday, March 18, with special in-store sales and savings, celebrity guest appearances, giveaways, and more.

“We are thrilled to be opening our second furniture store in New Jersey,” said Greg Jaron, founder and owner of Jaron’s Furniture Outlet. “Our Bordentown, NJ location has thrived because of our commitment to providing quality furniture at affordable prices, and we are excited to bring that same guarantee to the residents of Lumberton, NJ.”

The Grand Opening celebration kicks off at 11 a.m., with Chris Rollins from WPST giving away great prizes, including an iPad 2 and circus tickets. Kathy Wakile from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is expected to be present from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., signing autographs and taking pictures with guests. There will also be in-store Grand Opening special pricing and savings. The new store is located in the Evergreen Plaza at 1710 Route 38 in Lumberton, NJ.

Jaron’s Furniture Outlet’s are independently owned and operated discount furniture stores with two locations: Bordentown, NJ and Lumberton, NJ. With a wide selection of discount bedroom, living room, dining room, office furniture, mattresses, and more, Jaron’s Furniture Outlet offers the best values in home furnishings. Visit the Bordentown, NJ showroom at 600 Route 206 South, or the Lumberton, NJ showroom at 1710 Route 38. For more information, visit

Jaron’s Furniture Outlet To Open New Store in Lumberton, NJ

Jaron’s Furniture Outlet is excited to announce it is expanding!

The new store is set to open in February at 1710 Rt. 38, Lumberton, NJ, in the Evergreen Plaza shopping center. The store will carry the same great, affordable products as the Bordentown store, including a huge mattress selection. Hours will be Mon- Sat, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

There are tons of great grand opening specials planned, so be sure to check for updates!

Upgrade Your Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the home, especially around the holidays. If Christmas, New Years, and other important holidays take place at your house, you may want to consider upgrading your dining room set.

Jaron’s Discount Furniture has a variety of dining room furniture in natural wood and contemporary colors, sure to match your taste, be it traditional or more modern.  If you’re planning to mark the holidays quietly with a few people, small but elegant sets are available from as low as $227.99. If you welcome grandma, grandpa, nieces ,nephews, and other extended family into your home for special occasions, than one of the below options may be more appropriate:

Brussels: This traditional style set is characterized by dark wood and beautiful accents. The seven piece package includes the table, four chairs, and two arm chairs for $1,399.99. The buffet table is available for an additional $499.99, and extra chairs can be purchased individually.

Franklin Park: This nine piece package for $1,799.99 features a table, six chairs, buffet, and china cabinet in a natural medium black walnut stained finish. The contemporary design is accented by banded detailing on the table and case pieces.

Savona: Constructed of hard wood solids and veneers, this nine piece set includes a table, four side chairs, two arm chairs, a china buffet, and a china deck for $2,199.99. The medium brown cherry finish with gold undertones perfectly complements a more traditional dining room, and the set includes a 20” leaf , perfect for expanding the table when extra space is needed.

Those who enjoy fine dining know that half of the dining experience is presentation. Why not showcase your homemade meals on something as presentable as your cooking? Contact Jaron’s Discount Furniture to find the option that’s right for you and your family.