Redesigning Your Living Room

Living Room Interior With Bay Window

Your living room is often the first space your friends and family see when they enter your home. It is a space for entertaining, lounging, and enjoying. Discover how you can easily and efficiently turn your living room into the lounge space of your dreams! Ask yourself the following questions to create a plan for your living room redesign.

  • What will you use the area for? The first and most important consideration you need to address – how the room will be used. A family of four will utilize a living room a lot differently than a young newlywed couple. Once the room has a purpose, you’ll be better equipped to determine the types of furnishings and accessories the space needs.
  • What are the measurements of the space? Take measurements of your living room from wall-to-wall. Measure the windows and doorways and any built-in structural elements the room has, like a fireplace, as well. This will allow you to create a workable floor plan.
  • What is your budget? Outline what you have to spend on your living room. Include every aspect, from furniture, to paint color, to any additional services the room might require, like carpet installation or floor staining. From there, you’ll be able to create your wants and needs list.
  • What do you need? More importantly, what do you want? When designing any part of your home, it’s important to think about your needs and wants. Once you have your measurements, you’ll be able to get a more accurate idea of the types of furniture and accessories you can fit into the space. For the living room in particular, you’ll need to include the basics, like a sofa, armchair, and coffee table. If your living room has the space, then you can consider adding extra accent items, whether it’s a decorative side table or an accent chair. Once furnishings have been addressed, you can consider your wants, like an elaborate chandelier or a festive accent plant.
  • Are there room for upgrades? If you have wiggle room in your budget, allocate those funds to upgrades! Whether it’s the more expensive paint option that doesn’t require a primer coat or an electronic furnishing, these minor upgrades can make a major difference in the design and comfort levels of your living room.
  • Have you settled on a theme? When you’re designing your living room, it’s important to choose a style and stick to it. According to the design experts at Colorado Springs painters , knowing your theme will guide you when it comes to choosing furniture, accent pieces, decor, window treatments, and even paint color. For instance, if you want to create an eclectic look, mix and match furniture textures. If you want more of an old-world style, opt for bulky wooden pieces with elaborate carvings. Defining the space with a particular style will help you tie the overall design together.
  • Have you focused enough on the living aspect? When designing any space in your home, it comes down to your personal tastes. As long as you feel comfortable in the space you have created, you’ve done your part. If you’ve filled the room with breakable vases, stiff chairs, and other elements that make the room feel cold and un-inviting to your guests. When you’re done with your redesign, give your living room a comfort test! If you’re happy with the furniture, color scheme, and decorative accents, you’ve done your job.

Decorating your living room should be a fun and exciting experience! When you’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy a space that you personally hand-crafted. Follow this sage advice to create the living room of your dreams!

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Best Placement for Mirrors In Your Home


In the Feng Shui world, mirrors symbolize wealth, health, and happiness. The Feng Shui culture recommends certain places to hang mirrors to promote these ideals and gain the most positive benefits. In addition to happiness and wealth, mirrors are great for making spaces appear larger than they are, providing extra light or serving as a piece of art. Discover the best placement for mirrors in your home in our room-by-room breakdown:

Foyer/Entryway. Placing a mirror in your foyer is a no-brainer. Never hang a mirror directly across from the front door. Instead, install one adjacent to the door or above a console table. Mirrors help expand the appearance of small foyers and entryways and make them feel more open and inviting.

Living Room. One of the best spots you can hang a mirror is in the living room. If there isn’t a lot of natural light already flowing in your living room, hanging a mirror can create the illusion of a window. A mirror could also serve as the focal point of a living room. To do so, hang the mirror at a height where every member of your family can see themselves fully.

Dining Room. Dining rooms are another great place to hang a mirror. When the table of food is reflected, you are promoting wealth and abundance. In dining spaces, the bigger the mirror the better. To really reflect light all around the dining room, line two adjacent walls with mirrors.

Bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, mirrors aren’t supposed to be in the bedroom! According to Feng Shui practices, you should never place a mirror across from your bed or on the ceiling. The best placement for mirrors in the bedroom is on the interior of your closet doors or above your headboard.   Wherever you decide to place a mirror in your bedroom, keep in mind that your reflection shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you wake up.

Bathroom. A lot of people hang mirrors in their bathroom without putting much thought into it. As a general rule of thumb, the mirror should never reflect the toilet. Install a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink to completely avoid this issue.

When it comes to using mirrors in your home, get creative! For extra drama and illusions of space, line an entire section of a wall with a mirror and place a chest or buffet table in front of it. Place a mirror behind a lamp or light source for a dramatic effect. In rooms with dark paint or patterned walls, mirrors can appear as windows and break up the boldness. If any room has a view of your garden, find a way to hang a mirror to reflect the greenery.

Remember that mirrors are wonderful additions, and placing them in the right spots can create a more positive and peaceful environment. For more tips on mirror placement, reach out to the experts at Karsey Glass, a custom mirror company in Charlotte, NC.

Furniture That Simplifies

Homeowners are always on the lookout for the newest innovations in home furnishings. Furniture pieces that make our day-to-day lives simpler are what’s trending now. You may be wondering, “How can a piece of furniture make my life easier?” The experts at Jarons Furniture Outlet invites you to discover how to make your home more functional with a few simple furnishings.

  • Storage Ottomans. These tiny accessories pack a big punch! They are a functional place for resting your feet, beverages, or snacks while you’re entertaining. In addition, they serve as mini storage units where you can also stow spare blankets, throw pillows, magazines, or books. Keep your home comfortable and organized with a storage ottoman, which you can find in a number of colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Pullout Couch. If you’re a homeowner who’s constantly entertaining guests, a pullout couch is a must have. They turn any room into a spare bedroom, instantly adding space for guests to sleep. Plus, pullout couches are now designed to be more comfortable than ever, with pillow-top mattresses in all sizes.
  • Hall Tree. When you think about your hallway or entryway, your mind probably doesn’t jump right to storage. Fortunately, there are furniture pieces out there that can transform these spaces into functional storage and make your life easier! Hall Trees are great catch-alls for front entryways, mudrooms, and hallways. Depending on the style you choose, they can provide shelving for books or shoes, as well as racks to hang coats, keys, and bags.
  • Rolling Cart. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you know the struggle of finding enough counter space to cook a meal. With a rolling cart, you can instantly add an extra countertop for meal prepping and serving. You’ll find options that are collapsible, making them easy to store when not in use, or more permanent options that can serve as a desk or homework station when not being used for cooking. Look for one with wheels that lock so that you can have the extra space where and when you need it!
  • Storage Chest. Incorporating a chest into the layout of your master bedroom adds storage for bulky blankets, sheets, and pillows. It also creates a resting place to get ready in the morning, or to set your clothing out on the night before. In addition, a chest at the foot of your bed can make packing for trips easier, as you can rest your suitcase on it without worrying about mussing up your bed. Chests come in a variety of styles, including padded chests that can serve as a bench for added seating.

Make your furniture work for you! Find all of the furniture you need to simplify your life at Jarons Furniture Outlet.

Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

bedroom storage

Finding a luxuriously large bedroom equipped with a walk-in closet isn’t easy. In fact, finding storage for all of your belongings can be a challenge in any size room. Fortunately, with a tiny-to-mid-sized bedroom there are clever ways you can create storage. Regardless of the size of your room, clutter can make the space unappealing, causing stress. These clever bedroom storage ideas will keep you clean and organized, no matter how big your bedroom is.

  • Buy a bed frame that doubles as storage space. Some bed have drawers and shelves built right into their frames. Depending on what you want to place in drawers, you may not even have to get a bureau or armoire to house the rest of your things. If your bed frame lacks drawers but has space between the floor and the box spring, use plastic containers to stow extra bedding.
  • Go vertical and hang shelves. Every inch counts when it comes to figuring out ways to create storage in small spaces. Use the entirety of your wall from top to bottom. Place a floor to ceiling unit next to the nightstand beside your bed to create an appealing visual. Hang shelves to get items up and off the ground. Consider over-the-door hanging storage for bulky items like shoes, scarves, and hats. This is also a great place to stow jewelry!
  • Make your own built-in storage unit. If a part of your wall juts out, this creates the perfect opportunity for more storage. Installing custom cabinetry into the wall allows more room for clothes or accessories. The experts at Birmingham painters can help you match the doors of your cabinets to your existing wall color to give off a secret passage vibe, or use glass paneling so you can see what you’re looking for before you even open the doors.
  • Mount a nightstand next to your bed. Traditionally, nightstand tables sit next to the bed, taking up valuable floor space. If you mount your nightstand to the wall, you can use the space under there for shoes or miscellaneous items that you don’t want laying around. If there isn’t space for a full on nightstand, a wide shelf mounted on the wall next to your bed can be a makeshift table top.
  • Create a display using a bookcase. Are you a shoe fanatic or a lover of handbags? If you consider these items a work of art, use a bookcase or staggered shelves to showcase them! Doing this can give off the vibes of an art installation right inside your bedroom and save valuable space in closets.
  • Don’t neglect the space above your headboard. Instead of hanging a painting or photo above your headboard, shelving or cabinet units can be a great installation above your headboard. Display a few of your favorite collectibles, but avoid cluttering the space, as this area will quickly collect dust.

Don’t feel discouraged by the amount of storage space in your bedroom. Using these tips can help expand the storage options in fun, clever ways. For more storage tips, reach out to St. Johns, NL interior decorator Robin Stairs.

7 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

yard sale finds

You know it’s summertime when you drive by multiple yard sale signs. You might find a new table to use in your hallway, but have you ever thought about what you could turn that table, or anything else you might discover at a yard sale, into? With some creativity and a little elbow grease, you can turn almost any yard sale find into something one-of-a-kind.

  • Adorn old drawers with colorful wallpaper. If you find a chest with a set of drawers that are looking a bit worn, cover the exterior of the bottom drawer with wallpaper. To do so, start by cutting the desired covering to the length and width of the drawer. Then, glue it down with Mod Podge and let dry. For an added pop, glue wallpaper on the left and right sides of the drawer. The color will not be seen unless the drawer is pulled out, giving you a colorful surprise each time you open it!
  • Repurpose a vintage chest to use as a coffee table. Not only will it give your living room a unique piece of furniture, but it will also provides hidden storage space! Think of the blankets, remotes and magazines you can hide when you have company over. If you feel so inclined, you can strip the chest and re-stain it to a color that better matches your existing furnishings, or situate it as is for that old-world charm.
  • Turn an old chair into an outdoor swing. Do you have a large tree branch in your backyard that’s waiting to be used? If you find an old kitchen chair at a yard sale, you can turn it into a backyard swing. Simply remove the arms and legs of the chair, sand it, and apply a fresh coat of paint. Then, drill four holes into the chair and thread through heavy-duty poly rope and hang the rope securely over the tree branch. To ensure you do so safely, read the full instructions here!
  • Create a room divider with a bookshelf. If you have old books collecting dust in your basement that could fill a bookshelf, scour yard sales for one. Use this old find to serve as a storage unit and a room divider. Separate a large room to create two unique spaces with a repurposed bookshelf.
  • Use a dresser as an outdoor planter. Seek out a dresser with three drawers, as that will work best for this project. To transform it into a planter, open the bottom drawer completely, and then open the middle drawer about halfway so they resemble stairs. Fill the drawers with soil and plant the flowers and herbs of your choosing. To properly create this masterpiece, find the full instructions here.
  • Transform a wooden ladder into a blanket hanger. Create a rustic blanket hanger, which would normally cost a fortune in a furniture store, from a recycled wooden ladder. To prevent splintered wood from making its way into the fabric, sand the wood and apply a coat of stain. Once that dries, simply lean the ladder against a wall and hang folded blankets along the rungs. To further prevent damage to your walls or floors, purchase felt pads to place on the feet of the ladder.
  • Craft a window shutter into a mail holder. Paint a window shutter any color you please and install it in your kitchen. It can be used for holding important bills, invitations, or reminders. You can also add hooks at the bottom to hang your keys!

The sky is the limit with what you can create from yard sale finds – all you have to do is be resourceful! For more home décor and renovation ideas, check out Jarons Furniture on Pinterest.