Designing Your Bedroom To Promote Better Sleep

Did you know that how you style our bedroom can actually affect your ability to have a good night’s sleep? Our quality of life is dependent on the quality of our interior spaces. It is important that we take care in designing our spaces thoughtfully, with an emphasis on our bedrooms. These 3 secrets will help you create a bedroom that promotes a better night’s sleep.

Allow Darkness. Lights communicate to your brain that it is time to wake up, so keeping your room dark is one of the main foundations to promoting better sleep. If you live in an area where there is a lot of light pollution or an area where your bedroom windows face the rising sun, invest in light-eliminating curtains to block out lights and activity that would otherwise cause anxiety and distraction. It’s important to eliminate as much light as possible in the bedroom. This includes the glow of our electronic devices. Many of us use our phones as our alarm clocks, but the light from our phones can also be disturbing to our sleep cycles. Try an analog or vintage alarm clock rather than your cell phone. Coming out of a deep sleep to the brightness of your phone can be damaging to your vision.

Similarly, televisions in the bedroom can be a distracting light source for your sleep cycle. Use an armoire to conceal your television while it is not being used. While it can be comforting to fall asleep with the TV on, the light from the monitor can disrupt your sleep pattern. If you absolutely need the television on to fall asleep, set a timer so it turns off automatically, or replace the habit completely with soothing music or a sleep meditation recording. In addition, use soft lighting in your bedroom. Try investing in bedside lamps with low wattage light bulbs to avoid the use of overhead lighting during the night. Bright lights remind the brain of wake time, and it is important to enhance and promote the feeling of sleep time.

Clear Clutter. Too much clutter can disturb your ability to have a good night’s sleep. Always keep your work out of the bedroom to promote relaxation and peace. The more your bedroom promotes a  feeling of leisure, the more it will actually feel like a luxurious place. Keep household items like your laundry basket in a closet or other enclosed area. Leaving clothes around the room can remind one of daily tasks and chores that need to be done. By neatly enclosing these items in a designated place, you’ll eliminate the look and feel of a clustered space. The same goes for all of your personal items. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories should all have a place. Keeping your items organize will promote a feeling of an organized life.

Color palette. Soothing colors can actually promote relaxation and enhance your ability to fall asleep and feel calm. Muted earth tones, such as blues, creams and greens, are ideal colors for bedrooms, according to the experts of Aurora painters. Try to avoid bright and loud colors in your bedroom to create a more restful atmosphere. Pale gray is the perfect color for bedrooms. It creates a sense of balance in any kind of lighting, plus it plays well with accent colors like lavender, pale pink, and cool blue. Use these hues in your bedroom accessories like your comforter and wall art to create the ultimate relaxing space.

Sleep is an important and sacred part of our everyday life that benefits both our physical and mental health. The better sleep we get, the better we feel throughout our day. Simple design concepts, like light, color, and organization, create the foundation for the perfect night’s sleep. By utilizing these tips, you too can promote a better and healthier sleep for yourself. For more relaxing bedroom decorating tips, contact Angie Lowry, a Smithfield, VA interior designer.

Elegant Bedroom Ideas

As a homeowner, it’s safe to say that your master bedroom is your favorite part of your home. It’s your sanctuary, the space you rely on at the end of the day to just unwind and relax. Many times, people think a bedroom should be comfy, cozy, and inviting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant, too!  If you consider your style comfortable yet chic, these design tips are perfect for you!

  • Neutral color scheme. Neutral themes are anything but boring – they’re timeless and easy to match your décor and furnishings around. The expert home designers at Tyler painters suggest starting with fresh, neutral color like beige, gray or white as a base for your elegant bedroom design. From there, you have the freedom to incorporate pops of color in your décor. Working around a nude color palette allows you to play with furniture upholstery, wall decor, bedding and more.
  • Add a statement piece. To create an elegant bedroom, include one or two pieces that will stand out and capture the attention. Lay down a captivating throw rug or install a dramatic painting. By limiting your number of statement furnishings, you avoid creating a bedroom that feels busy. For a smaller bedroom, play with your bedspread design and make that the statement piece in your room.
  • Decorate your bed with pillows. Add some elegant drama to your room with lavish throw pillows. Avoid going overboard with decorative pillows. Instead, Mimi Wilson, a Gainesville interior decorator, recommends using the rule of odd numbers. Odd numbers are more visually appealing, so if you have two sleeping pillows, incorporate three accent pillows to create a balanced look.
  • Include extra seating. The main piece of furniture in a bedroom is a bed, but that doesn’t mean that you are restricted to just that. For instance, you might also want a space where you can sit and read. Small arm chairs like this Milan wood accent chair or a bench at the foot of your bed are perfect for creating such a space. By incorporating additional seating into your bedroom, you add dimension and create an upscale feel.
  • Install decorative lighting. The way a room is lit creates the ambiance, but a dramatic chandelier or lamp also adds style to a room. It’s important to consider the size of your bedroom before you settle on a light. For instance, if your bedroom has high ceilings, you can work a chandelier into the space. Work within the space to find a light fixture that creates a look of balanced elegance.

If your master bedroom isn’t already your favorite part of your home, or if you’re simply looking to upgrade, follow these easy tips and tricks for transforming your bedroom into a space of luxury and elegance.

How To Get The Best Sleep

Have you ever thought about what happens to your sleep cycle as you move through life? You start out alone and peaceful and in the blink of an eye, your bed has turned into a family gathering space rather than a quiet sanctuary where you dream, when you marry and have children. In honor of Better Sleep Month, Jaron’s has put together a guide on how you can get the best sleep, no matter what your situation.

Sleeping Alone:  You can do so comfortable in virtually any size mattress, and you have the freedom of making the space work for you. As a child, you work your way up from a crib, to a small twin size bed of your own, and then eventually to a full-size mattress, perfect for a single adult. You may sleep on your side, your stomach, or your back – it’s all about personal preference.

  • Con: It can get quite lonely!
  • Pro: You can sleep whenever and however you like!

To get the best sleep you can, create an atmosphere that’s set directly for your preferences. A dark, quiet, cool room is the ideal sleep situation and since you are alone, you can choose the perfect temperature and level of darkness without worrying what works for someone else.

Sleeping With Another Person: As you mature, you seek the companionship of another human being. Eventually you start dating, form a relationship, and may even get married. This drastically changes your sleeping situation. Suddenly you have several things to consider about your partner. Do they snore? Are they a blanket hog, or worse, a bed hog? Do they talk in their sleep? Do they sleep walk? You’ll learn a lot about your partner just by sharing a bed with them!

  • Con: Your significant other may create a sleep-debilitating problem for you!
  • Pro: You’ll have the comfort of having another person to cozy up with at night.

To get the best sleep you can, choose the right mattress. Your actual bed can make all the difference in the type of sleep you are getting, so it’s best to be comfortable. You want enough room so that when you and your partner are done cuddling, you can each roll over and get an undisturbed sleep.

Sleeping With A Pet: If you have chosen to adopt or buy a pet, they may start out in a crate or on the floor, but sooner or later, they’ll probably start sleeping with you in your bed. You’ll learn to accommodate them and allow them the space they need at your feet, or if they’re really lucky, a place cuddled up right next to you.

  • Con: You’re sacrificing your space and possibly your maximum comfort level.
  • Pro: You’ll further the unconditional love your pet has for you.

To get the best sleep you can, unfortunately you would have to keep the pets out of the bed all together. If you have guilt about putting them in a crate all night, why not create a sanctuary just for them? Buy your pet a luxurious bed and keep it in your bedroom so they’ll still be close by. They may actually enjoy that even more than your bed.

Sleeping With A Person and A Pet: If you’re living with a significant other and you own a pet, you’ll notice that space is becoming limited in your bed. Two bodies means less room for your pet, pushing them to another area of the bed, be it by your headboard, curled up at your side, or lying across your feet. Your significant other may take your sleeping needs into consideration, but your pet will not and you may start sacrificing your own comfort for theirs.

  • Con: The lack of space may start to annoy your significant other or pet, causing them to want to sleep elsewhere.
  • Pro: You’ll never feel neglected by anyone!

To get the best sleep you can, train your pet to sleep in a certain spot on your bed. If they are trained to stay in one spot, they may be less likely to try and takeover you and your partner’s personal space and get up and roam around the bed in the middle of the night.

Sleeping With The Family: As life goes on, you may choose to have children. As these children grow, with them grows their impending fear of the dark and need to sleep with you. This means everyone piles into bed at night – the spouse, the children, the pets, and you. You may wonder how you don’t end up on the floor every night considering the serious lack of space.

  • Con: It may seemed cramped at times
  • Pro: Once you adjust and find where you’re most comfortable, you’ll realize that you wouldn’t rather be sleeping any other way.

To get the best sleep you can, create a schedule where everyone has to go to bed at the same time. If everyone is lying down at once, there will be less in and out of the bed. This would also be extremely beneficial if everyone wakes up at the same time. Going to bed and getting up in the morning at the same time every day really optimizes the quality of sleep you are getting on a daily basis.

Remember, in order to get the best night’s sleep, you need to learn how you sleep as an individual. Making sacrifices for your pets and loved ones is something that happens every day, but in order to live a full, healthy lifestyle you cannot neglect your sleep. Check out Jaron’s selection of mattresses to find the one that’s right for you and your situation and be on your way to your best sleep yet!